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DMX Control Guide
How to use DMX lighting
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DMX Control Guide

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How DMX control works:

First you create a ‘scene’. This means you use the controller to set all the lights in the position, colour, etc. you want. You create as many scenes as you need and save them all to the controller’s memory. Next you can build light shows by programming ‘chases’. A chase is simply a sequence of scenes. The controller has features to allow the user to choose how long it takes to progress from one scene to the next. This can be used to create fast moving light shows or mood setting fades.

Applications and examples:

For installed lighting in bars and clubs you can save different programmes for different times of the day. You can have a slow fading light show for the daytime to create mood lighting and you can switch to a more energetic show for the evening when the DJ starts. Most DMX lights have a strobe feature. You could save a programme of fast moving strobe effects for high energy dance music. The controller can be installed in the DJ booth to give the DJs full control over the lighting.

For mobile DJs or hire companies you can save programmes of the most popular light shows, as described above for bars and clubs, and you can also create customised light shows for each venue you set up in. Spend a few minutes programming the controller after you have set up and you can impress your customers with amazing light shows that are specific to the venue you are in. For example, if there’s a mirror ball you can set all your moving lights to focus on that and blackout all other lights.
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