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Terms & Conditions
:: iPod Disco (no DJ)
:: Only 70
:: Only 50 without lighting

:: Description

There is a growing trend amongst party organisers for the 'iPod Disco' which is essentially a full disco setup with no DJ. Instead an iPod, laptop or similar device is used to play the music. The advantages are lower cost and a guarantee you get the music you want, when you want it. The disadvantages are having nobody to ask for requests or make announcements. Of course, if one of your guests is prepared to do this then you can't lose.

Click here for our guide to organising an iPod Disco.

Call us to discuss your sound and lighting requirements. The 600w sound system included here is suitable for most small to medium sized rooms or upto 100 guests. We will of course deliver and setup all of the equipment free of charge at a time to suit you.

:: What's included?

  • 600w Sound System
  • Cable to connect iPod/laptop
  • 2x 250w Scanner or Barrel Lights
:: Upgrades

:: Mixer & Microphone
:: 10 per day, 20 per week
  • Mixer with MP3/laptop and microphone inputs
  • Wired microphone (add 5 for wireless microphone)
  • Allows you to make announcements and control the level of the music
  • Allows more than one music source to be connected (MP3 player and laptop for example)
:: CD Decks, Mixer & Microphone
:: 20 per day, 40 per week
  • Twin CD Decks with anti-shock (add 5 for decks that play MP3 CDs)
  • 4 channel DJ mixer with 3 band EQ
  • Wired microphone (add 5 for wireless microphone)
4x Lights :: Upgrade to 4x Lights
:: 20 per day, 40 per week
  • Upgrade the standard lighting to 4x DMX Scanner or Barrel lights
:: Martin Magnum 550 Smoke Machine
:: 10 per day, 20 per week
  • 600w Heat Exchanger
  • Hand Held Remote Control
  • 1 Litre Fluid Capacity
  • Full tank of fluid included

:: Not right for you?

If this isn't what you need then try our Bronze, Silver or Gold disco packages or contact us for an individual quote.

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