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:: How many kW (kiloWatts) do I need?

Basically, it doesn't matter. On this website the kW rating (or wattage) of a PA system is the RMS (average) power that the speakers in the system can handle. We believe this is the proper way to calculate the power of a sound system.

The reason we think it doesn't matter is because some companies will use the peak power handling of a speaker, which is usually 4 times as much. So if you're talking about peak power then you can say that our 4.8kW PA system is actually 19.2kW, and then round that up to 20kW. Big difference.

So, our kiloWatt ratings are simply a measure of how our own sound systems compare to eachother. If you want to compare our sound systems to those of another company then try to establish exactly how many of each speaker is included in the system, what size those speakers are (12", 15", etc), and finally, the quality of the speakers.

Upfront DJ Services only use top quality equipment. As well as using the correct amplifiers for the speakers we provide, we also use effective limiters to protect the speakers. That's why we've never had any blown speakers or overheating amplifiers, ever.

If you're unsure which PA system you need don't hesitate to contact us. We don't do huge festivals but we do have years of experience in providing sound systems for parties, nightclubs and live bands.
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